Principal Investigator

Laxmi Sushama, PhD

Professor, Civil Engineering and Applied Mechanics
Trottier Chair in Sustainability in Engineering and Design (TISED)

MSc/MEng Students

Yijie (Katherine) Zhao
Project: Climate Change impacts on aviation

Tarek Dukhan
Project: Climate change impacts on wind-driven rain across Canada

Mojdeh Sharafi
Sustainable transportation (Co-supervised with Prof. Sun)

Jeff Atrill
Climate change impacts on polar aviation route


Enzo Angeles Pasco
Sustainable mining equipment management (Co-supervised with Prof. Kumral)

François Roberge
Project: Simulating Montreal Urban Heat Island

Gregory Yang Kam Wing
Project: Inter- and intra-seasonal variability of land-atmosphere coupling over North America (Now at Environment Canada)

Bruno Fang
Project: Snow-albedo feedback in CRCM5 (Now at Ouranos)

Abdellah Boujannah
Project: Energy and water budgets over Africa as simulated by the Canadian RCM

Mehr Ben Mansour
Project: Multivariate analysis of spring floods

Arlette Chacón
Project: Impact of land-use change on North America

Bernardo Teufel
Project: Vegetation-climate interactions over North America (Now PhD at McGill University)

Bessam Bouagila
Project: Dry spell characteristics over Africa as simulated by the Canadian RCM (Now at Environment Canada)

Jacinthe Clavet-Gaumont
Project: Canadian RCM projected changes to high flows for Quebec watersheds using Regional Frequency Analysis (Now at Ouranos/Hydro-Québec)

Jean-Philippe Morin
Project: Soil moisture variability from current to future climate over North America (Now at Météo Média)

Vincent Poitras
Project: Effects of climate change on runoff in Canada (Now Post-doc at McGill University)

Bratislav Mladjic
Project: Canadian RCM projected changes to the frequency and magnitude of extreme precipitation over Canada(Now at the Dept. of Electrical Eng. of McGill)

Ivana Popadic
Project: Terrestrial surface modelling in CRCM (Now at Environment Canada)

André Monette
Project: Projected changes to precipitation extremes for Northeast Canadian watersheds using a multi-RCM ensemble (Now at Météo Média)

PhD Students

Caio J Ruman
Project: Study of the Planetary Boundary Layer using high-resolution GEM model simulations in support of wind power projections for the Canadian Arctic (Co-supervised with Prof. Monahan)

Bernardo Teufel
Project: Evolving pan-Arctic land and atmosphere and its impacts on Arctic infrastructure


Oleksandr (Sasha) Huziy
Project: Development of a lake-river module for Canadian Regional Climate Model (CRCM5) (Now at Environment and Climate Change Canada)

Camille Garnaud
Project: Dynamic vegetation in the Canadian Regional Climate Model (CRCM5) (Now at Environment and Climate Change Canada)

Jean-Philippe Paquin
Project: On some aspects of the numerical modeling of the arctic climate (Now at Environment and Climate Change Canada)

Post-Doctoral Fellows and Research Associates

Seok-Geun Oh
Project: Interactive modelling of floods in climate models

Vincent Poitras
Project: Wave modelling for the Great Lakes in current and future climate


Janine A. Baijnath-Rodino
Project: Vulnerability assessment of freshwater communities in the Northwest Territories to a changing climate (Now at University of California Irvine)

Ju Liang
Project: Convection permiting regional climate simulations for engineering applications (Now at UK Met Office)

Mahmoud Ahmed
Project: Footprint of mining activities in Canada’s north (Now at Journeaux Assoc.)

Oleksandr (Sasha) Huziy
Project: Heavy lake-effect snow events for the Great Lakes region and its implications for infrastructure and hydrologic applications (Now at Environment and Climate Change Canada)

Gulilat Tefera Diro
Project: Improving seasonal-to-subseasonal forecast for energy/water management/agricultural applications; Land-atmopshere coupling and extremes (Now at Environment and Climate Change Canada)

Dae Il Jeong
Project: Multivariate modelling of floods and droughts (Now at Environment and Climate Change Canada)

Arman Ganji
Project: Development of an improved hydrologic scheme (surface and sub-surface) for CRCM5 (Now at University of Toronto)

Andrey Martynov
Project : Advanced surface parameterization (Now at University of Bern)

Debashish PaiMazumder
Project: Short- and long- term drought characteristics in current and future climate (Now at NCAR)

Marko Braun
Project: Validation of Canadian RCM simulated hydrometeorological variables and their projected changes (Now at Ouranos)

Deepthi Joshi
Project: Land-Atmosphere interactions over Prairie regions

Research Assistants

Luis Duarte
Projet: Targeted integration of new modules in the Regional Climate Model


Hedieh Keshavarz Mohammadian
Projet: Building Energy Modelling

Mónica González Linares
CNRCWP coordination

Adelina Alexandru
Projet: Projections climatiques avec le MRCC5 sur le domaine Nord-Américain de CORDEX

Samira Ben Saïd
Projet: Les caractéristiques des précipitations simulées au dessus de l'Inde par le MRCC5 en les comparant par les données d'observations IMD et APHRODITE

Leticia Hernandez-Diaz
Project: Analysis of climate simulations and climate projections for Africa in the context of CORDEX using CRCM5

Ryan Muncaster
Project: Comparison of composite and mosaic approaches of land-surface heterogeneity representation in CRCM5 (Now at RPN)

Katja Winger
Project: Model maintenance and integration of new modules in the regional climate model

Undergraduate RAs


Julia Rafferty
Project: Synthesis of sustainability indicators for Canadian mines

Dunyi Fu
Project: Comparison of Montreal 2017 and 2019 Floods

Stanley Francispillai
Project: Sea level rise and impact on infrastructure

Ye Zheng
Project: Low impact development alternatives

Irina Moraru
Synthesis: State-of-the-art in Urban Modelling

Weiting Gan
Project: Sustainable urban infrastructure

Jinrui Hu
Project: Synthesis of water and wastewater treatment in cold regions

Zijian Liang
Project: Projected changes to surface solar radiation and its influence on energy yields of photovoltaic systems

Recent Interns

Francisco Ramirez (from National Autonomous University of Mexico, Mexico)

Yao Lu (from Lanzhou University, China)

Diego Monteiro (from Université de Nantes, UFR des Sciences et des Techniques)

Sareh Hesaraki (from University of Sherbrooke)

Patrick Duplessis (from UQAM)

Sébastien Gagnon (from UQAM)

Rajaa Sghyar (from UQAM)

Yu Chan Mei (from Collège Brébeuf, Montréal))

Chitrang Gonawala (from App. Math. Dept., S.V. National Institute of Technology, India)

Harpreet Kaur (from IIT, Mumbai)

Xiao Hang Ma (from collège Brébeuf, Montréal)

Bessam Bouagila (from UQAM)

Jacinthe Clavet-Gaumont (from UQAM)

News from students/PDFs/RAs


Katherine Zhao published her MEng work on Aircraft takeoff performance in a changing climate for Canadian Airports

Janine Baijnath completed her one year PDF and moved to University of California, Irvine


Bernardo Teufel publishes his work on abrupt changes across the Arctic permafrost region endanger northern development in Nature Climate Change

Caio Ruman, Bernardo Teufel, Vincent Poitras and Seok-Geun Oh collaborates with Enzo Angeles Pasco and Minghan Xu from Mining Engineering on ‘Sustainable northern landscapes and engineering systems’ as part of MSSI


Oleksandr Huziy and Gulilat Tefera Diro take up positions at Environment Canada

Bernardo Teufel and Caio Ruman (Winter term) awarded MEDA scholarships

Yijie (Katherine) Zhao obtained the Graduate Excellence Fellowship in Fall 2018

Integrative project involving current and past HQP focused on the 2017 Montreal spring flood published

Bernardo Teufel gives an invited talk at the workshop on Floods organized by CWRA and NRCan


Gregory Yang Kam Wing won the Peter Zwack Award for the best MSc Student of the year.


Bernardo Teufel spent two weeks with researchers at Lund University, learning to use the dynamic vegetation model LPJ-GUESS.

Bernardo Teufel won the Peter Zwack Award for the best MSc Student of the year.

Oleksandr Huziy delivered a report to Manitoba Hydro after completing the project to produce multi-resolution lake-river framework for simulating streamflows from regional climate model generated runoff for the Nelson-Churchill watershed. The project was funded by NSERC Engage grant.

Bernardo Teufel wins the Joint Assembly (AGU-GAC-MAC-CGU) Outstanding Student Paper Award

Dae Il Jeong gives invited talks on projected changes to climate extremes based on a regional climate model ensemble at the Kongju National University and the APEC Climate Center

Gulilat Tefera Diro visits University of Stockholm to work on a collaborative project focused on tropical cyclones in the mid-Holocene


Camille Garnaud gives an invited talk on the impact of dynamic vegetation on simulated climate in the ISS - Land-atmosphere interactions and water cycle session at WWOSC

Gulilat Tefera Diro gives an invited talk on tropical cyclones in RCMs at ICTP


Gulilat Tefera Diro collaborates with ICTP in organizing the Regional Climate Impact Modelling workshop at Addis Ababa University

Jacinthe Clavet-Gaumont wins the UQAM Peter-Zwack Award for the best MSc Student of the year
André Monette wins the CMOS Campbell Scientific Best Student Poster Prize in Meteorology